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Boiler Repair

The price of replacing a boiler with any plumbing company in warrington can be considerable. Regular maintenance of your boiler is important to keep down costs and prevent any period where you are left without hot water or heating – especially in the cold of winter.

Should I have a maintenance contract?

By far the most cost-effective method of looking after your boiler is through regular annual maintenance. At MDS Plumbers we offer a range of services for boiler maintenance, making sure that we can offer something for all our customers that suits their needs.

Regular maintenance often allows us to predict any issues that might arise with your boiler and do what we can to prevent them. It takes away those horrible shock moments where an expensive bill can occur without warning, or a period where you are forced to live without heating or hot water while repairs are done, or a replacement boiler sourced.

What about immediate repairs?

Our Plumbers are specialists in all types of boilers and are usually able to conduct an on-site repair on the first day. If your system requires parts, we can source these for you and will do everything possible to limit the downtime of your boiler.

If it proves necessary to replace your boiler, then we can advise on a suitable modern replacement and can undertake all aspects of that work – from ordering a new boiler to its installation and integration in your home.

Are there any hidden costs?

At MDS Plumbers, we believe in being up-front about any costs. We will discuss your repair with you in full, and if there is the need for any replacement parts, we will advise you before moving forward.

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