MDS Plumbers are specialists in all types of central heating. From combi-boilers warming your home with instant hot water and warm radiators, to oil fuelled stoves generating heat in country farm houses, we have the experience and depth of knowledge to quickly assess any fault and make perfect repairs.

Our engineers are experts in all parts of the central heating system and are fully qualified GasSafe registered engineers with many years’ experience.

My heating doesn’t really do enough, can you help?
We often find that heating systems are left unmaintained for many years. If you have recently moved into a property and find that the central heating is inadequate, or if your heating has been slowly losing its oomph over the years, then we can help improve that situation.

Like any other system, central heating requires regular maintenance – whether that is in the boiler, or by bleeding or cleaning out the radiators themselves. We offer a range of services to cover the regular looking-after of your heating system and make sure that when the cold nights come, you do not suffer from the chill.

Of course, occasionally we find a system that has been poorly specified for the size of the rooms in the house. We can work with you to plan a new configuration of radiators, or a boiler improvement and work on bringing the warmth in your house to a level you have always wanted.

Our heating engineers are not just plumbers – with years in the business they understand the flow of air in the house, the effect of different wall and floor materials and more and will advise you on the most efficient you can be to give you that warm home. Plus, of course, helping you save money in the meantime.

For a full heating service in and around Warrington, give MDS Plumbers a call.

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