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Power Flush

What is a power flush?

Many boiler breakdowns are due to the build up of dirty sludge inside the central heating system. Without regular cleaning, the residue built up over years can cause blockages and areas of low-flow throughout the pipes and radiator.

A power flush is when we run a chemical solution through the system. The chemicals are designed to break up that sludge and clean the central heating system from within – leaving you with radiators that are as clean on the inside as they were when they were first installed.

How can I tell if I need a power flush?

As the dirt builds up in your central heating, the system becomes more and more inefficient until, in the worst cases, it damages the boiler itself making for a costly repair.

Thankfully there are signs you can look for which help you tell if a power flush is needed:

  • Noisy radiators and boilers – as the water tries to move around blockages of dirt it can lead to unwanted noise in the system.
  • Leaky radiators – blockages at joins can cause leaks to occur.
  • Uneven heat coverage – if your radiator has cold patches, this could be a sign of a dirt build-up on the inside.
  • Radiators not heating up or taking a long time to reach temperature – a clogged flow can cause delays in the system heating.
  • Discoloured water when bleeding a radiator – the dirtier the water when bleeding the radiator, the dirtier it is in the system.

How do I get a power flush?

A power flush should always be performed by an experienced and qualified engineer – we can arrange a time that suits you to come and clean your system.

Completely cleaning the boiler and central heating system for a standard three-bedroom house can take as much as five hours – be sure to choose a time and date where this is convenient.

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